Monday, April 03, 2006

Red Posted by Picasa


Rob said...

You have some excellent pictures of flowers. I like taking focused shots of things that don't move. Call me lazy, but I can never seem to capture anything that moves correctly. The end result is always disappointing. Flowers and plants are such wonderful options, as they just 'sit still' and you can take your time.

I especially like flower pictures where the background fades out.

W. J. St. Christopher said...

Wow! How red is red? The lighting on this is glorious! Is the sun behind this flower, or did you manually set up the lighting?

All of your flower pics are so great! I love the geranium leaves -- they're one of those plants where the leaves are as attractive as the flowers!

threecollie said...

Rob...many thanks. I am not too hot with action either

WJ, Thanks also. I just stuck the camera into the face of an amyrillis that is growing in my living room window and took a couple of pictures. I really don't know a thing about photography, I am ashamed to say. I just see things I like to look at and point and click. the little geranium seedlings are in the same east facing window and the light catches them just right some times.