Monday, November 17, 2014

The Hunt

This will be sausage soon....and steaks

Opening day morning. The boy and his dad were getting ready to head up to the tree stand, when there in the field behind the house was a herd of deer. 

I got to view the stalking of the buck for the first time.

The boy is a polished predator, moving in a silent ,bent over, almost running tip-toe up to the edge of the field. Loping lightly, I'd call it. Using bits of cover, the hen coop, the asparagus bed, some brush along the horse yard he got close enough for a safe shot without alarming the deer at all.

Then using the gate of the horse fence as a bench, he took a 305 yard shot with his .243, which he paced off later.

It dropped with so little fanfare that the other deer were quite nonchalant in leaving.

It is good that he got that one, as they saw nothing from the stand, which is way on the other side of the farm.

We are going to try making sausage this year as his friend, who also hunts here, sent us down some, which was phenomenal.