Monday, July 10, 2006

Maybe a honeybee?

I found this critter buzzing aggressively around some birdsfoot trefoil. I think it is actually a genuine honeybee, something which has become very rare here due to pests infesting hives (varroa and tracheal mites). If this is a wild bee it is doubly rare as all our wild hives have vanished in recent years.


W. J. St. Christopher said...

Yikes! You're too close!

Bees make me nervous, as I've never been stung by anything, so don't know if I'm allergic. I sure don't wanna find out the hard way!

Aunt Julia said...

Nice pic. Where did you find this honeybee?

threecollie said...

Hi WJ, I wasn't quite as close as it looks, but it was getting I left. lol

Hello Aunt Julia and was up in one of our hayfields. There were a number of others around too and I am thinking wild hive. I don't believe anyone around us has any tame hives. I was delighted to see it there.

JDillio12 said...

Yah bees freak me out! I think I'm allergic anyways heh. Good shot though, you should check out the shot of the birds in my photos blog, I got within like a foot with the camera it was odd how it didn't fly away. Keep takin good shots =)