Thursday, January 25, 2007


I don't usually do this sort of thing but Blogshares is offering free chips to members who do a post about the site and I love to gamble with them.
I admit it.
I am a closet chip gambler.

Or actually a dining room chip gambler since that is where I have the main computer. Blogshares is a sort of fantasy online stock market thingie where you can buy and sell shares in your blog and those of others. You can also have things like artifacts and industries and such, (all of which confuse me completely even though I have won some of them gambling). However even in my swamp of near complete ignorance of how to use the site, I enjoy it quite a lot........

...Mostly because I love gambling with those chips. I have won stocks in blogs nobody ever heard of, all kinds of money ( I believe I am a Blogshares billionaire or darned close to it) and every now and then more chips, which I promptly gamble away. Risking them is like potato chips. You simply can't stop at just one.

If I receive chips for writing this post I am going to gamble them away too! Probably immediately. I can go to a PBR rodeo at the state's biggest casino and not gamble a nickle on a slot machine, but I just can't resist those chips.

Anyhow, give Blogshares a will probably find your own blog listed there, you can claim it, find a way to get chips and join me in my secret vice!

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Andromedan said...

crazy website, I don't get it