Thursday, May 15, 2008

Elusive Oriole

This guy followed me around all day...or so it seemed. If I was planting scarlet runner beans, out of the apple tree he popped, to sing like a robin only louder and clearer. Then I was on the front porch watering plants and he came chasing his lady friend through the box elder bushes.

All righty then, I will stop what I am doing and go get the camera.

Apple tree, sans oriole

Instantly he vanished. All morning and half the afternoon he had been hanging around in plain view and no more than twenty feet from me. But once the camera showed up, whoosh, gone.....He was still there actually, right in the old apple tree outside the kitchen window, but would he come out to get his picture taken? Nope, too shy (although he is not too shy to get up to all manner of high jinks with his girl friend. My goodness!)

And so, with much cropping etc., here is what I got.

If he hangs around I promise to keep trying
. Maybe he will let me get some better shots another day.


Anonymous said...

Holy Christmas!
Forget the bird..... look at those apple blossoms!
There must be a million hundred thousand of them.
Oh yeah, there's a bird in your tree. LOL.
GREAT pics, Mare.

threecollie said...

Thanks, Steve, wish you could see the apple trees this year. More flowers than I ever imagined. We have trees completely covered with blossoms that we didn't even know were apple lie!

Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets said...

(Just stopped by OneCowgirl and saw your post!) I have about six Orioles this year (so far) It is very windy today, so I haven't filled their feeders. They must be hungry! I see them flying all around trying to drink out of the hummingbird feeders! When the wind dies down I will fill it! They are hard to get pictures of, they hide behind those darn tree leaves!

threecollie said...

CK&S, So glad you stopped by! First of all I am delighted to see your wonderful blog and will be back again and again to read it I think...and second I have been wondering for years whether to get an oriole feeder, but didn't know if they would come to one. We have several this year too and now that I know that they will use one, I will try to find one. Thanks!

Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets said...

Thank you ! For stopping by :) I took some picture of my orioles today, There is one that is bright orange! Yes they have their own feeders they are usually orange or have a "orange"(fruit) on them. I think they might like oranges? I just boil water and sugar. Two parts sugar to water. Same for my little Hummers. They love it, Last year I only had one or two, They must tell their friends! This year I have 7! Good luck with your "Elusive" Fella!