Saturday, July 19, 2008

Peck's Lake NY 2008




Breezey375 said...

whu? no is picture of beezey... *cries and feels left out* mommy mean.

Freste said...

TC well there ya go. Did you have fun all by yourself? Geeeeeeze.

threecollie said...

Beck aren't you the girl who has fits when I put your picture on the Internet...just askin' is all.

Steve, we had all kinds of great company. BOTH brothers (younger one rented the cabin next door), niece, nephew, mom and dad, favorite aunt and uncle, friends, all kinds of the critters. It was great.

Freste said...

Looks like there was plenty of swimmy critters and flying critters and two legged critters and a combination of all of the above to make it one great week.
I hope you have the cabin as a regular thing. Sure looks relaxing.