Saturday, May 01, 2010

Turkey Calling

Mouth calling on the day before the season opened...we were out fixing fence and I asked him to demonstrate for a video.

The kid has called in turkeys...coyotes looking for turkeys...other hunters looking for turkeys. Sometimes it is plumb scary. There is a certain culture of turkey calling on campus too...the guys find each other that way. Sometimes it does not make the professors particularly happy.....dunno exactly why....something about the way those calls echo in the stairwells. A professor recently accosted the perpetrator in this video, along with some of his friends...."Who has a turkey call?" And of course he could honestly answer, "I don't have a turkey call."

I think he learned to mouth call because he was constantly buying expensive calls and losing them. It is really not terribly hard to call turkeys without a call. Even I can get them to answer me. Give it a try if you live in their range. You might be surprised!

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